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What to Do to Keep Tlauncher Safe?

4 January, 2023

What to Do to Keep Tlauncher Safe?

If you do want to use Tlauncher while also not compromising the security of your PC, there are some steps that can help you with that. Therefore, here are some ways to keep Tlauncher safe when you download it.

Along with not downloading it from any shady sites, you should have a strong antivirus downloaded that will protect your PC. There are also websites that can check the fragile files you have downloaded to ensure they are safe.

You can check the digital signature of a software program by right-clicking the file and going to the properties where you will find it. Only download files that have this signature and are not listed as “unknown developer.”

A trusted source of the file will have its own website and an internet presence that can be tracked. They will usually have several products, websites answering questions, etc. Moreover, a trusted company will also have partners that you will be able to see.

To prevent any hacking attempts, make sure to have a strong password with at least 13 digits that are also unique and not used anywhere else. Moreover, you should have a different password for each Minecraft server. You should also enable two-factor authentication for your email so no one can hack it.